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Short & Stubby Tees - 1"

Short & Stubby Tees - 1"

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Introducing the Tracer Short and Stubby Tees: Your Ultimate Choice for Precise Iron Shots Off the Tee!


1. Tailored for Irons Off the Tee: Unlike traditional tees, our Tracer Short and Stubby Tees are meticulously designed to complement your iron clubs. Achieve the perfect balance between height and stability, ensuring that your tee shots with irons are consistently on point.

2. Premium Quality Wood: We take quality seriously, and that's why we use only the finest wood materials to craft these tees. You can trust in their durability and reliability, knowing they won't splinter or break easily, even after repeated use.

3. Colors: Express your individual style on the golf course with our vibrant color options. Choose from Orange, White, and the striking Patriot Mix to match your personal taste and make a statement.

4. Consistency and Confidence: With these tees, you'll gain the consistency and confidence you need to take your tee shots to the next level. Say goodbye to unpredictable tee heights and hello to reliability on the tee box.

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