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Logo Wood Tees - Shank & Cup Print

Logo Wood Tees - Shank & Cup Print

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Minimum Order Quantity =  5,000
Lead Time =  2-3 weeks
Set up Fee =  FREE

Custom Logo Personalization: With our custom logo option, you can now proudly display your team emblem, corporate brand, or any design of your choice on your golf tees. Simply upload your logo, and we'll expertly print it with precision and clarity. It's an ideal way to showcase your individuality or promote your organization while you play.

Variety of Colors: We understand that personalization is not just about your logo; it's also about your preferred color scheme. That's why we offer a wide selection of colors to choose from. 

Bagging Option: Want to keep your custom logo tees organized and easily accessible on the course? Opt for our convenient bagging service, available in sets of 15 tees per bag. For just an additional $10 per thousand tees.

Premium Bamboo: Made from premium bamboo, designed to not break.

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